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The entire fourth season of Stranger Things is officially out, and we are so thrilled about it. Stranger Things has been a phenomenon since its debut back in 2016. The show combines that nostalgic 80s feeling with sci-fi that is done superbly.  

Even with a massive ensemble cast that gets added on to every year, the show keeps getting more interesting (looking at you Eddie Munson for season four). And if you’ve been watching closely, I’m sure you will have noticed that many things are starting to connect and fall into place. 

But even though season four is recently officially streaming on Netflix in its entirety, we all know the end is near for this beloved show. So we decided to put together a rad list of Must Have Stranger Things items that fans of the show are going to most definitely love. Check it out below: 

  • 1) Hawkins Indiana Strange Visits Tee

    I wanted to kick off this list with something fun and Hawkins-inspired. This Hawkins, Indiana “vintage park” tee is a great way to do that. The idyllic image of Hawkins on this tee is one that most fans would probably laugh at because well, we know Hawkins is anything but idyllic. But we really love the added bicyclists on the left-hand side. It reminds us of are favorite Hawkins teens riding around town trying to protect people. 

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  • 2) Hawkins Middle School A/V Club

    Remember those early seasons when the kids were in the Hawkins Middle School A/V Club? It feels like forever ago! Anyway, we love this hat. And the design is also available in various other styles like t-shirts and tank tops, etc.

  • 3) Stranger Things Inspirational Pencil Set

    I’m a sucker for the stamped pencil trend going on right now. And I personally love that this Etsy seller decided to make some inspirational-style sayings for this Stranger Things-inspired set.

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  • 4) Welcome to the Upside Down Doormat

    If you’re a massive Stranger Things fan then this could be a super fun new home décor item for you. Not only does it mention the strange Upside Down, but the font and photo are really awesome. We could totally see ourselves wiping our shoes off on this doormat the same way Eleven and the team are going to wipe the floor with Vecna during this big battle.

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  • 5) Scoops Ahoy T-shirt

    One of my favorite parts from season three of Stranger Things was Steve working at Scoops Ahoy and meeting Robin. Of course, it inspired so many different shirts and other wearables so we obviously had to include one on this list.

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  • 6) Scoops Ahoy Sailor Hat

    And speaking of other Scoops Ahoy wearables, how fun is this? If you’re a cosplayer or looking for a fun Halloween costume this would be a great piece to start the ensemble since it’s a replica Scoops Ahoy sailor hat.

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  • 7) Starcourt Mall Tee

    Listen, we all know that the mall was the place to be in the 80s. So we really loved the added Starcourt Mall arc, even if it ended in some pretty brutal things happening to some of our heroes. We totally dig the neon color choice for this tee and the fact that it’s available in sizes Small through 5XL.

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  • 8) Hawkins High School Basketball Tee

    Here’s an awesome tee inspired by the most recent season. With Lucas on the Hawkins High basketball team and shooting the winning basket for the team, this shirt is bound to get people excited. It’s available in sizes Small through 3XL and would make an awesome gift for any Stranger Things fan.

  • 9) Stranger Things Comic-Book Style Poster

    I love collectibles like this. Whether you’re looking for some new décor for your room or maybe your office, this Stranger Things season one-inspired poster is a great option. The color choice and art style are great for comic book fans too!

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  • 10) Demogorgon Plush Toys

    These things may be absolutely terrifying in the show, but the adorable crochet version of them is anything but! Make sure you snag one of these fast because there is a limited number.

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  • 11) Help Me Kate Bush Star Wars X Stranger Things Tee

    Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” has absolutely been playing non-stop in our brains since we watched season four. It’s been everywhere! That song and the scenes associated with it have been so powerful. When we saw this we had to laugh because we love a cool crossover moment.

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  • 12) Running Up That Hill Song Tee

    And yes, we had to find another because I think Sadie Sink who plays Max carries this season! Her character has gone through so much over the last two seasons and this song showcases her sadness and showcases but also her determination. Kudos to the showrunners because this scene in season four is one of my absolute favorites.

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  • 13) Personalized Stranger Things Totes

    Here’s a really cool gift idea. Not only do we love the fact that it’s the Stranger Things font with the bicycle image, but the fact that you can get it personalized is awesome.

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  • 14) Welcome To Hellfire Sticker

    I mentioned Eddie Munson earlier, but he is such a fun addition to this season. The fact that we’re getting the D&D mixed with all of the other sci-fi fantasy elements of the show makes this so much more enjoyable. The Hellfire Club is definitely one I want to join. This would be awesome on a water bottle or laptop case.

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  • 15) Hawkins National Laboratory Tee

    We all know that the lab in Hawkins is one of the biggest reasons why we even have a storyline for Stranger Things. This tee is definitely for super fans who love having cool inspired wearables.

  • 16) Steve Harrington The Babysitter Poster

    Steve is another awesome character and every season he just gets better and better. Season two where he essentially babysits the kids for the majority of the show is definitely one of the best, but let’s face it Steve is a great babysitter in every season. This post would make a cool addition to someone’s room or office.

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  • 17) The Upside Down National Park Patch

    Patches are back in style. And since the Upside Down has everything the real world has just a bit different, this Upside Down National Park patch kind of works. Definitely, a simple and fun way to show off your love of Stranger Things.

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  • 18) Hawkins High Spring Break

    Season four of Stranger Things is happening during the main cast’s Spring Break. So, there is plenty of time for our heroes to get in trouble. This tee depicts the scene from the lake which had some serious Friday The 13th feels going on. Definitely a cool tee for mega fans.

  • 19) The Hellfire Club Tee

    Like I said, I would totally join the Hellfire Club. And this t-shirt, which is inspired by Eddie’s from the show, is my first step into joining.

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  • 20) Hellfire Club Coffee Mug

    And yes, I had to add this because of course I want to go all out! This coffee mug holds 15 ounces of liquid and comes with your choice of black, yellow, or red handles.

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  • 21) Surfer Boy Pizza

    Jonathan’s new friend Eduardo from season four is another interesting addition to the crew. With the team spilt up in different parts of the country Mike, Will, Eleven, and Jonathan definitely needed to round off their group. Plus as a Surfer Boy Pizza delivery driver, Eduardo had a good getaway car for them to use.

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  • 22) Stranger Things Hawkins Town Map Poster

    This may be one of my favorite items on this list. How amazing is this map? It features designs of the many locations we’ve seen throughout the show thus far. We definitely hit “Add To Cart” on this item very fast.

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  • 23) Hawkins ‘83 Tee

    Hawkins, Indiana is a very strange place. The slogan on this tee “Where strange things happen” is perfect and it makes it love it more.

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