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It’s that time of year again! My favorite time of the year to be more specific. I love Christmas. I mean any and everything there is to love about the holiday, I love it. From the decorations to the shopping for those I love to wrapping the gifts. I enjoy every bit of the holiday season and always have. Each year, my Christmas decorations had to be more and more on point. I love to be able to tell a story with my Christmas decorations. Whether it’s the color scheme I do that year or it’s me emphasizing my collection of Black Santas. I know, it sounds like a lot but I am a true Christmas lover.

So, this year is my first year in my new apartment and it’s finally enough space for me to get a Christmas tree. I have been waiting for this opportunity and I cannot wait to put everything up. I bought myself some new Christmas ornaments to do on my first tree. But, I know I still want some more. Although I enjoy being able to switch up color schemes and other details, there are some specific ornaments that I feel like we can keep no matter the color scheme. Those nostalgic Christmas ornaments that never get old. Those are the ones you want to always remember. So, while doing my Christmas research, I gathered a list of some of the most nostalgic Christmas ornaments you can find. Check out the list below and start getting those ornaments together for the holidays!

  • Black Santa Head Ornaments

    Guess what? Nothing is more nostalgic than having Santa’s face on your tree each and every year. Also, a great plus is the diversity in ornaments we can find. Here is a Black Santa head, pack of 3. I am one who enjoys ornaments not only on my tree, but here is a good pack where you can spread the love of the decor throughout your home.

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  • Mr. & Mrs. Claus Kissing Under the Mistletoe

    How cute is this? For the couples looking to add some love to their tree and represent their union, try out this Mr. and Mrs. Claus ornament. Hang this on your tree this year and continue to keep it going each and every year as a little bit of a tradition. You can mark it with a permanent marker for the year you get it and keep it as a constant reminder of your love. CUTE!

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  • Gingerbread Men Ornaments

    Lets spruce up the tree with some Christmas gingerbread men this year. We all know a gingerbread man is one of the most iconic symbols for Christmas. So, get this 12 pack of gingerbread men to decorate your tree for the holidays and mix in with your other ornaments.

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  • Baby's 1st Christmas

    In honor of your new baby being in the world you might as well get an ornament to lock in the memory. You can honor their first Christmas in this world with an ornament to show how special their birthday was. Customize it with their name, weight, height, and date of birth all on one tiny ornament. Then, as the years continue you have this ornament to remember everyday by.

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  • Welcome to Whoville Ornaments

    If there is one movie we know honors Christmas season, it’s the Grinch. Plenty of people will do complete Grinch decor with every inch of their house and tree looking like it’s straight out of Whoville. Personally, I think one year I may have to try this trend out, because why not? Until then, check out these Whoville ornaments you could add to your tree decor.

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  • Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

    Are you looking for some antique, pretty ornaments to add to your Christmas tree? These stained glass Christmas ornaments are a perfect addition. The stained glass will allow you to feel like you are also in the church bringing in the holiday cheer.

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  • Vintage 50s Retro Christmas Tree

    If you are wanting to really live in the old school vibes, then here are some retro Christmas ornaments you can use to decorate. These glass vintage 50s retro ornaments mix the love of color and classic vibes that can bring that energy to you. This set allows you to pick what specific ornaments you like by number.

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  • Vintage Santa Ornaments

    Here are some classic, vintage Santa ornaments that you can hang throughout your tree. There are three different designs and a total of six Santas that you can hang throughout your tree. These gold metal framed Santas can hang in there with all of your other decor to add a flare of Santas love.

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  • Variety Pack Vintage Christmas Ornaments

    Here is a pack of 20 piece ornaments that you can mix through all of your tree. Enjoy these classic ornaments that represent Santa, angels, elves, and so much more to do with the holiday season. These vintage ornaments allow you to somewhat go back in time to when you were a child and be nostalgic about it.

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