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The Fourth of July is going to be here before you know it. And when it comes to the summer holidays, the Fourth is my favorite. Now that might be because my birthday is four days before it (in case anyone wants to send gifts 😉.) But either way, the Fourth of July is probably my most patriotic day of the year. And by that, I mean I’m decked out in head to toe Red, White, and Blue. So yes, patriotic shirts are a must! 

It’s very clear to me as I get older that having a good Fourth of July T-shirt is important. Like many of you, my family gathers together at our cabin. But there are tons of other ways that people will be celebrating. Some of you may be staying home and having a backyard barbeque. Or maybe you’re heading to the nearby beach/beach house. And we can’t forget all the local firework shows that are probably happening too. My hometown even has its Founders Day festival around the Fourth of July. Which means essentially I need to be in the festive spirit multiple times. So, the moral of the story is I need multiple Patriotic T-shirt options. 

And since I’ve gotten into this habit of needing multiple shirts for all of these different events, I’ve got several that you are going to love. From funny and a little tongue-in-cheek, to simple and classy, I’ve seen it all. Here are my top Patriotic shirts you will definitely want to have for whatever Fourth of July celebration you attend.

  • 1) Eagle with a Mullet Shirt

    Nothing feels more American than this to me. A Bald Eagle rockin’ a mullet? Tell me that isn’t the most patriotic thing you’ve seen all day. Anyway, like I said some of these were funny and this is one of those.

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  • 2) Patriotic Women’s Button Down

    I just find this top so cute! The navy blue with the stars and red pocket is perfect for the Fourth of July. Plus I’m imagining a cute bucket hat or just a pair of sunglasses and my flip flops to go with it!

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  • 3) Merica!

    Well, we probably all knew this was coming right? Still, it fits the theme and the vibe. And when you inevitably have one too many at the barbeque everyone will be chanting “’Merica” with you. And that’s what freedom tastes like. 

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  • 4) Beer Pong American Flag

    Speaking of drinking one too many… anyone else plays beer pong at their Fourth of July bash? It’s the unofficial American Pastime for sure. And so why not go all out with this tee. It’s festive and you’re gonna be the champion anyway. 

  • 5) Women’s American Flag Shirt

    Another super cute tee. Now if you love a white shirt (and are unlike me who will definitely spill her hotdog or beer on it) this tee is great for you. The cute red and blue star on the center is perfect. And you’re going to feel super festive in it.

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  • 6) Party Like It’s 1776

    Enough said, right?! Now, I find it fascinating that while we all know the US Independence Day is July 4th, 1776, at that time the rest of the country did not. Clearly, we didn’t have the amazing ways news travels back then, but still, you don’t really think about that at the moment. Regardless, if you want to party in the way we imagined our Founding Fathers did, I say have at it!

  • 7) Spilling The Tea Since 1773

    We all know about the tea being thrown into Boston Harbor. So this shirt is just brilliant. And for reference, this was one of the main catalysts of the fight for our Independence. It’s a fitting shirt for any Fourth of July gathering.

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  • 8) Dibs Space Shirt

    Another hilarious Fourth of July shirt that also has some fun history tied to it. While this shirt isn’t about 1776, it does focus on our race to space with the rest of the world and the incredible moon landing in 1969. So American, so proud! Yes, added this shirt to my cart immediately after finding it. 

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  • 9) Meowica

    I love a fun pun. And the fact that this is a tank top is also super appealing! Some of us want a tan, and a tank top is the way to go. Plus I love cats so all around this tank is a 10/10! 

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  • 10) Bomb-Pop Shirt

    When I think of the Fourth of July as a kid, I definitely think of having these little bomb pops from the ice cream truck. Now that I’m seeing them on a shirt? I need it even more. The shirt is awesome and is a men’s style cut. So be sure to take a look at the sizing options. 

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  • 11) Hungover

    Some of us are planning on celebrating for a long weekend. And that means at some point the hangover will likely set in. This sweatshirt is going to be great by the campfire when you’ve finally decided “Tomorrow is a work day and I’m going to need to be sober while I’m there.” Plus it’s blue and has that tie-dye look to it which reminds me of America for some unknown reason. 

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  • 12) “Life’s Too Short To Be A Colony”

    Now I don’t think George Washington said this, but it’s the sentiment that counts. This shirt from Barstool is great and honestly I know there are several of you out there will be wearing this! 

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  • 13) Rolling Stones American Flag Logo

    Now, I know the Rolling Stones are British, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put this on here when it had an American Flag themed tongue! Plus, maybe you’re a British transplant and you want to celebrate the Fourth. This is a great way to have the best of both worlds. 

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  • 14) Winners

    And last, but certainly not least, winners. We are the champions. We fought and won. *Cue the Eagle cry in the background.* No, but on a serious note, it’s fun shirt and it would work very well with the whole theme. 

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  • Bonus Item: USA Fanny Pack

    I love a good bonus item. And this fanny pack is the perfect one. It will complete your outfit, plus it will hold your drink and your phone/keys/wallet. What more could you want?! 

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