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Every Raiders fan needs a few items that showcase our passionate and, at times, painful love for the team. Raider Nation is renowned for its undying loyalty and unwavering support for the team. Despite the emotional and surprising decisions that often arise in football, we steadfastly stand by our Raiders, no matter the circumstances. Our dedication is rooted in a myriad of reasons, deeply embedded in a colorful history. 

The Raiders boast a rich and storied backstory. They stand as one of the original American Football League (AFL) teams and have retained their NFL presence since the merger of the leagues in 1970, according to the team’s official website. Over the years, the Raiders have produced iconic players, legendary coaches, and a distinctive style of aggressive, hard-hitting football. In fact, according to, Raiders’ apparel held the highest sales in the league across five states: Nevada, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, and Utah. 

The fan base constitutes a formidable force to be reckoned with. The nickname behind the team’s devoted supporters, Raider Nation, spans across the United States and even reaches international shores. Some might even liken us to the “misfits” of the NFL. Being a part of Raider Nation symbolizes more than mere fandom; it signifies each individual’s resilience, determination, and unyielding spirit. Whether hailing from Oakland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or elsewhere, the team’s motto resonates with many: “Just win baby!” 

During my most challenging life moments, it was this motto that provided the driving force to persevere. Let’s not overlook the striking color scheme associated with the Raiders, either. The sight of silver and black, accompanied by the unmistakable football-garbed pirate, instantly identifies the team. When Raiders fans encounter these colors, an almost involuntary response emerges — a resounding “RRRRRAIDERRSSSS!” 

“Win, lose, or tie, it’s Raider Nation until I die.” This mantra echoes among fans, encapsulating the prevailing mentality of many Raiders enthusiasts. Being part of Raider Nation signifies an unwavering commitment, even when life attempts to trip you up. As the legendary coach and former owner of the Raiders, Al Davis, aptly put it, “The will to win burns brightest in the Raiders organization.”

As football season approaches, we strive to ensure that you possess the finest Raiders merch to exhibit your unwavering support for the team. Hopefully, these items will infuse our team with positive energy as we venture into the upcoming season. Below, you’ll find a selection of Raiders merch that every Raiders fan should consider having. 

  • We Almost Always Almost Win - Funny Las Vegas Raiders tee

    Let’s relieve some pre-season tension with comedy. This T-shirt will make any fan laugh, and it does summarize how a portion of Raider Nation feels. This shirt will make a great gift or a “topic of conversation” when you wear it out and about. You’ll definitely get some attention with the shirt’s eye-catching slogan.

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  • Las Vegas Raiders New Era Fitted Hat

    If you plan on attending home games, this Raiders merch item could be a life-saver. Las Vegas is hot even in September. This white/silver fitted hat is cooling and also provides some shade from the blistering sun rays. Plus, this hat could match with any outfit you have, and it’ll look especially nice with the traditional “black and silver” colors of the team’s jersey, shirts, etc.

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  • Las Vegas Raiders Black Round Table

    This one is for all of the tailgate lovers or watches party enthusiasts. This table will be the cherry on top of your football party sundae. This table with four mesh cup holders comes with a carrying bag, so it’s convenient and portable. It’ll be a good addition to any tailgate because it offers eating and a drinking area. The cup holders also allow people to set their drinks down, which minimizes any potential spillage. And trust me, sticky beer spilling everywhere is not an ideal tailgate activity.

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  • Jimmy Garoppolo Las Vegas Raiders T-Shirt

    What’s a better way to give the new player some good luck by repping his jersey? Jimmy G is making his debut with the Raiders this season. So, let’s hope this starting quarterback has good chemistry with the team. This Garoppolo shirt is perfect for the start of the season’s hot weather. Plus, it’ll be a great layering option during the season’s colder months.

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  • Las Vegas Raiders Davante Adams Framed Photo

    This piece of Raiders merch would be perfect for any fan cave, TV den, or “watch party” room. This item is also a limited edition, which makes it extra special. The electric Las Vegas Raiders graphic with an “in-the-moment” shot of Davante Adams makes this photo a spectacle.

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  • Las Vegas Raiders Apron Chef Hat Full Set

    What goes well at tailgates or watch parties? Some beautiful barbecue, of course. Every grill master needs a dedicated apron and chef hat that’s plastered with their favorite team’s logo. This Raiders grill set is perfect for the “grill master” on game days. Wear the team’s logo with pride while grilling up some hot dogs, burgers, or juicy steaks! 

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  • NFL X-Grill Portable Grill - Camping Grill - Small Charcoal Grill for Tailgating

    This is probably one of my favorites on the list. This portable grill with the Raiders logo is the perfect addition to your game-day needs. This item is a portable charcoal picnic grill that will elevate your tailgates, family gatherings, and more. It’s also easy to transport because it comes with a carrying case, according to the grill’s listing. It’s not too big, but it’s the perfect size for any on-the-go activities.

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  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    This portable speaker is powerful and easy to move, which makes it perfect for any football occasion. The Raiders logo makes this speaker extra special and is another symbol of your dedication. It’s also water resistant, which can come in handy during bad plays of fumbles. Raider Nation can be known to throw things when the game goes south. I’ve seen a flying beer can or two in my day.

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  • Black Las Vegas Raiders Zuma Cooler Backpack

    This backpack is the epitome of useful! Whether you need to keep a few drinks or snacks cold, this convenient backpack will do just that. Its sleek black design also gives it another cool factor. It’s great for any tailgate activity, or it can be used for hiking, fishing, and traveling.

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  • Las Vegas Raiders 3D Lamp Personalized

    There’s something magical about an LED light illuminating a room. It becomes even more magical when it’s a Las Vegas Raiders lamp shining. This lamp can transform into 16 different colors, and it can even be personalized. It’ll make a great gift or decoration item showcased in your room, fan cave, etc. 

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  • Oakland Raiders Championship Ring - Titanium Steel NFL Memorabilia

    This ring is sleek, discreet but filled with fan love. It’s a perfect accessory for any OG Raiders fan. The ring is made out of robust titanium steel and is a homage to the team’s Oakland days. According to the ring’s listing, the championship year is embossed into the ring as well. 

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