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Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Whether it’s a specific scent, movie, or toy–all sorts of things in our everyday lives have the power to send us back to our childhood. Every time I taste a Bomb Pop, I’m instantly taken back to 1996. When I walk by the store I used to shop at as a teenager, that scent takes me back to being 15 and searching for my back-to-school clothes. Then, of course, there are the retro toys that remind us of childhood.

I’m now in my early 30s, but there are things I encounter every day that take me back to my childhood. It could be a song, flavor, or something totally out of the blue. Today, my friends still enjoy playing video games, as we did back in our youth, as well. However, most of them are now playing the latest XBox or PlayStation. Not me, my go-to remains the Nintendo 64, just like it did back in the day.

Nothing Like Nostalgia

In my childhood, I spent countless hours playing N64. Truly countless. I was obsessed. Now, as an adult, it’s a simple pleasure that takes me back. If I’m having a stressed out day, there are few better remedies than playing Rainbow Road on the original Mario Kart. I feel like a kid again and all my worries are long gone. I even remember all the little tricks to make it run smoothly. Tricks like blowing in the cartridge to get it to work or cheat codes for Goldeneye. How do I still remember those codes but I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning or what year it is? It doesn’t make any sense!

I went through Amazon and found 9 retro gadgets and toys that are certain to remind you of childhood. These were all toys that I enjoyed growing up, and it’s amazing to see that they’re still available to this day! Sure, kids may have moved on to newer and more technologically advanced toys…but the old reliable toys are still there! Maybe they can make a gift gift for a friend who you used to play with, or who grew up around the same time you did. It could, also, be a gift for a loved one who used to love these toys, and may have grown out of them or totally forgotten about them. Perhaps, it’s a gift for yourself because you grew up and forgot how awesome these toys are. Let’s dive in!

Retro Toys That Will Remind You Of Childhood

  • Bop It!

    Bop It! was always one of my favorite games as a kid. You had to be focused, alert, and ready to make a quick move at a moment’s notice. You could also compete against your siblings, increasing the stakes. As an adult, I look back at it now like wait this whole game is about following directions!? No wonder I struggled with the game…

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  • NERF Vortex Aero Howler Foam Ball

    Just looking at a photo of the NERF Vortex Aero Howler Foam Ball, I can hear it. I can hear that whistle as it flies through the air with the perfect spiral. It’s a shame my High School football team didn’t use these instead of real footballs. I could have been QB!

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  • Super Soakers

    The quickest way for an adult to feel like a kid again? A water fight! When a Water War breaks out, though, you don’t want to be on the battleground with just any water gun. No no no. You need a Super Soaker. Or, better yet…Super Soakers!

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  • Nintendo 64 Console (Renewed)

    I told you once, I’ll tell you twice: no console can beat the Nintendo 64. Not now, not ever. There were so many iconic games like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and more. My friends and I would spend so much time playing, and now I still love playing today. In fact, I think I’m just as good as I was back then. My friends fear facing me on Mario Kart. The best console ever could be yours (again)!

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  • Velcro Toss and Catch

    Want to play catch but don’t have the hands for it? It’s not a problem with the Velcro Toss and Catch! Anyone can catch the ball now! No more having to chase it down every time it’s thrown your way. It’s fun for everyone at all levels of athleticism.

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  • YoYo (With Brain)

    Hours of my childhood were spent playing with a YoYo. Then, when I discovered a YoYo with a brain? It was over for the rest of my hobbies. Do you remember them? The “brain” of the YoYo is a clutch system that allows the YoYo to swing longer, slower, and smoother so you have more time to do some awesome tricks to impress your friend. Walk the dog, perhaps?

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  • Lite Brite Ultimate Classic

    I was never much of an artist, but even I could still create beautiful images with Lite Brite. Let your creativity flow and your imagination run wild with the Lite Brite Ultimate Classic!

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  • R2-D2 Tamagotchi

    Some would say before you have kids, try to have a dog or a cat. See how it goes. Start to teach yourself those responsibilities. As a kid, when we wanted a pet, we would show our parents how responsible we are by taking care of a Tamagotchi. We’d feed it and take care of it all with the touch of a button. With this specific model, you can teach R2-D2 tricks and skills. Finally, you can show you’re ready for that dog!

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  • Tie Dye Party Kit

    You’re never too old for tie dye! We used to throw tie dye parties and everyone would get to create their own unique shirt. Now, we can bring it back! You can do shirts, pants, bed sheets–anything! Peace, Love, and Happiness sold separately.

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