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Back-to-school season is here. And listen, it’s making me think about the fact that back in the 80s having a cool lunchbox was all the rage. Did we all occasionally hate on them? Sure, but let’s face it, like most things they don’t make them like they used to. Now everything is retro, and so it got me thinking about retro lunchboxes.

Kids today don’t really remember what it was like to have a metal tin lunchbox. You could get a lunchbox with any of your favorite shows on it. I remember all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones, the Marvel Superheros, heck I think I even remember seeing a Golden Girls lunchbox at some point. The reality is a “vintage” lunchbox has me deeply into my feelings about childhood.

So, because I just felt like, I decided to hunt down some cool vintage lunchboxes that remind me of those good ole days, aka the 80s. These are mostly those tin lunchboxes with that fun latch on the top we all played with after finishing our lunch before heading outside to the playground. And of course, I knew I needed to find the ones that were going to have all the best nerdy moments from the 80s, so yes there is a Star Wars lunchbox here. Take a trip down memory lane with me, remember those days when we didn’t have to worry about being an adult and how we could just enjoy our schooldays. Here are 9 retro lunchboxes to help bring out the kid in you.

  • Marvel Spider-Man Tin Titans PX Lunchbox

    How were we expected to eat lunch in second grade without our Spider-Man lunchbox? What are we barbarians? Peter Parker was the only way I got through the banality of school…without doodling Spider-Man on my notebooks…I’d be more lost than usual!

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  • Star Trek

    Now, while I was definitely a Star Wars kid…I loved me some Sci-Fi no matter who it was.   And while I was too young to watch the original T.V. series, I loved the movies!   Beam a snack into my lunchbox, Scottie! 

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  • Godzilla Vs. King Kong

    Any proper ’80s kid remembers when Godzilla and King Kong movies were played on local television on Saturday afternoons…and if there wasn’t a good college football game…we were watching! 

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  • Avengers

    This throwback Avengers lunchbox rule because even superheroes after to eat, too, peopleYou know how many calories the Incredible Hulk has to ingest in order to stay strong? I mean…I don’t actually know…but A LOT probably!

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  • Thundercats

    Straight from the green planet, Thundera come the ThunderCats!  Whether you’re a fan of Panthro, Cheetara, or Tygra, this lunch box is for you.

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  • NASA

    NASA’s resurgence in the early 1980’s led to…what else…merch! I remember suddenly wearing NASA t-shirts and playing with toy space shuttle but I needed to store my astronaut ice cream somewhere, and that’s where this NASA lunchbox comes in. USA! 

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  • The Golden Girls

    Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are truly ageless icons and of course they should be celebrated on a lunch box.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be the envy of all in the breakroom when you come in with this beauty!

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  • Labyrinth

    If you’re a real child of the 80s you this lunch box will speak to you. How lucky are we to experience and film starring David Bowie that was directed by Jim Henson?  Know you can have a bit of the magic of Labyrinth everyday with this homage to the film.

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  • Star Wars

    Star Wars rules. And so do Star Wars lunchboxes. See above.

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