Must Haves

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When it comes to WWE fans, the Royal Rumble is either the first, second or third most anticipated night of the year (with the two nights of WrestleMania being the other on their lists). This year’s Rumble is no different; Cody Rhodes’ return has already been announced and a lot of people are speculating whether Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will take part in the event and win to take on his cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania in Los Angeles.

The Rumble kicks off the road to WrestleMania, both will be the first under the creative direction of Triple H, who took over that position last summer and fans are eager to see how those stories start to take shape heading into Mania.

The Royal Rumble experience is best when watched with friends, and here are some Must Haves you can make the best of one of the biggest nights on the WWE calendar.

  • A stopwatch

    Any true WWE fan knows that the WWE can be, let’s say loose with their intervals when it comes to Rumble entrants. Some websites keep track of those things, but you know what they say if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.

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  • A bingo tumbler

    Wrestling is most enjoyed with a group and a little wager, Buying this bingo tumbler you can assign 30 numbers and whoever gets the winning number in the two Rumble matches wins the pot.

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  • Classic Royal Rumble t shirt

    The 1991 Royal Rumble poster is one of the most iconic the WWE (then WWF) has ever produced, someone turned it into a t-shirt, which you can buy on Etsy.

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  • WWE Shop official Rumble t shirt

    If you want to keep it official with the WWE merch, you can get their official Royal Rumble shirt on

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  • Homage Royal Rumble T Shirt

    Homage is one of my favorite websites to buy cool t-shirts, wrestling and otherwise. They pay homage (pun kind of intended) to some of the greats from the Attitude Era with a t-shirt featuring some of the biggest rumble stars in their most popular era ever.

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  • Stone Cold Steve Austin merch

    No one has won the Royal Rumble more times than the biggest star in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin, his merch is still super popular with WWE fans, as they still make new shirts of his all the time. So rocking Stone Cold merch during the rumble just makes sense.

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  • Kofi Kingston Merch

    One thing that everyone looks forward to at the Royal Rumble every year is how Kofi Kingston will avoid elimination, it’s one of the most anticipated parts of the match every year. So Kofi merch is essential for any Rumble to get you in the Rumble spirit!

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