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“Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” Since the mid-70s, Saturday Night Live has been a staple in many households. With an ever-changing cast of hilarious comedians, the SNL teams have had some of the funniest moments in TV history. Because I love watching SNL episodes and re-run compilations I wanted to put together a list of fun SNL shirts inspired by some of my favorite funny moments from the show, including some old favorites like the Blue Brothers. Check it out below:

  • 1) Night at the Roxbury


    Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, and Jim Carrey’s skits on SNL were easily one of my favorites growing up. To this day, not a single person will hear “What Is Love” by Haddaway without doing the silly little head-bopping thing the two of them do.

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  • 2) Suck It Trebek Shirt


    Another classic Will Ferrell skit! Will Ferrell as the late Alex Trebek on Celebrity Jeopardy was iconic. This is definitely one of my favorites from the SNL archives! Of course, we can’t forget Norm MacDonald’s Burt Reynolds (AKA Turd Ferguson) either which is just as good.

  • 3) Schweddy Balls


    I love a funny Christmas moment. This one with Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin is one of my favorites. The NPR “Delicious Dish” skit still makes me laugh every time and it’s a miracle the three of them didn’t break character too much.

  • 4) It’s Dark Out and We’re Wearing Sunglasses Shirt


    Although this quote is from the iconic Blues Brothers movie (and one of my favorites), the skit from SNL is how it got it’s legs. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are two of my favorite comedians of all time and if tell me you don’t like the Blues Brothers, I’m not sure I can trust you. Here’s the two comedians performing the iconic “Soul Man” skit on SNL.

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  • 5) And I’m Dooneese


    I will forever love this skit. It’s so silly and just incredibly relatable at times. Every girl has gone out with friends and felt like the ugly one of the group.

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  • 6) You Never Loved Me Mom Shirt


    One of my favorite skits of the last couple of years. Pete Davidson and Timothy Chalamet absolutely had me crying with laughter. I hit add to cart on this shirt immediately. 

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  • 7) Need More Cowbell


    I mean let’s face it, we’ve all said the line. This entire skit is chaos. Jimmy Fallon can’t hold it together. Well, actually almost none of them can hold it together. But this is easily my favorite Will Ferrell SNL skit. Every time Will starts banging the cowbell and trying to capture it in the surround sound I lose it.

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  • 8) Da Bears Shirt


    You’re lying if you’ve never said “Da Bears” before. After this skit came out all of us where using saying it this way and Bob Swerski is easily one of my favorite characters from the SNL skits.

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  • 9) Stefan Tee


    Speaking of favorite characters, Bill Hader’s Stefan is towards the top of that list. The brainchild of John Mulaney, Stefan is a gay, city correspondent for Seth Myers’s Weekly Update skit on SNL and I swear every time Bill Hader breaks character I end up laughing so much harder. The scenes are hilarious and my favorites are the ones that Bill Hader can hardly get through.

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  • 11) Spartans Spirit Tee


    Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell are amazing in this skit. You can literally find my family quoting many of the Spartan cheers because we can’t help ourselves. They were just so funny. The best part, this could be the beginning of an amazing Halloween costume.

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  • 12) Wayne’s World/Queen Tee


    You also can’t do an SNL list without paying homage to one of the most brilliant skits in SNL history: Wayne’s World. Not only were the skits, featuring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, hilarious but it was another perfect skit to big screen SNL win. The Wayne’s World movie is still one of my favorites and this shirt pays tribute to the Bohemian Rhapsody scene. Incredible!

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  • 13) Matt Foley Motivational Speaker


    And I wanted to leave you with my favorite SNL moment of all time. Chris Farley was a genius when it came to comedy. This scene of him, David Spade and Christina Applegate was just seriously one of the best in the entire 47 seasons of the show. I still laugh so hard I can hardly breathe when he starts to run in place.