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Back in 1999, The Sopranos premiered on HBO and set in motion arguably one of the best TV shows in the last couple of decades. The story revolves around Tony Soprano who is a New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster who is trying to balance his family life with his role as the leader of an organized crime syndicate. The most incredible part is that this is all explored through his therapy sessions with his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi.

The Sopranos featured an incredible theme song, a cast of characters, and vivid storytelling, and that is why fans came out of the woodwork for it. While the show has been off the air for several years now, we know that Sopranos fans are still pretty avid. So we decided to make a fun Sopranos gift ideas list for the Sopranos fan in your life. Check it out below:

  • 1) Woke Up This Morning Coffee Mug

    The Sopranos theme song has been argued as one of the best on TV. So we knew we had to add this mug to the list. The Woke Up This Morning coffee mug gives us this feeling that we can be a mob boss, or at least just someone really powerful.

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  • 2) Bada Bing Cap

    This one makes me laugh. I’m sure if you’re a diehard Sopranos fan you recognize the Bada Bing strip club that Tony and family frequent. The fact that you can get it embroidered hat with this logo is just incredible.

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  • 3) Satriale’s Meat Market Shirt

    I love getting fictional place t-shirts and if you’re a Sopranos fan you will love this Satriale’s Meat Market tee. So many insane moments happened at this store which is why it’s such an important fixture in the show. 

  • 4) Saint Tony Soprano Candle

    The head of the family and the patron saint for your household!

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  • 5) Not This Much I Like One That Says Some Pulp Shirt

    This is one of our favorite moments from the show, and the fact that it’s in a t-shirt we knew we had to add it. 

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  • 6) Bucco Vesuvio Sopranos Cap

    This Artie Bucco’s original restaurant logo, before the “accident” of course, is great for any Sopranos fan! This cap is adjustable so it is one size fits most option.

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  • 7) Sopranos Coasters

    How cool are these coasters? This set of 4 cork-backed coasters features four Sopranos-themed images including the image from The Sopranos’ main theme logo.

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  • 8) No Ziti Mug

    There are definitely a few funny moments on the show and this “No Ziti” quote is one of them. This mug could be the perfect gift for the Sopranos fan on your list.

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  • 9) Satriale’s Pork Store Wall Art

    If you love the Satriale’s t-shirt then you definitely will want to grab this item too. This piece of wall art would be really cool to add to any home. It will even help you distinguish which guests are fans of the show!

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  • 10) The Sopranos Tote Bag

    You don’t get to see very many TV show tote bags. Especially not ones where the TV show is based on the Mob. So this was a very unique item for us to find! The watercolor illustrations pay tribute to several of the main characters and places on the show, which is why we love it so much.

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  • 11) Satriale’s Pork Store Coffee Mug

    Okay, I’m sorry, but you know we love Satriale’s! If you love collecting coffee mugs you have to snag this one for yourself.

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  • 12) Tony Soprano Quote Mug

    Another iconic quote from Tony Soprano, this coffee mug is one of those “inspirational”-types of mugs that would easily be a great way to start my morning.

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  • 13) The Sopranos: Complete Series Box Set

    And yes, of course, we wanted to make sure we included this gift idea. Because if there is one thing we know about this show it’s that we can’t get enough of it. So why not give someone the gift of the entire show on DVD?

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