Must Haves

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They’re cute. They’re cuddly. And every kid you know probably has at least one! Squishmallows are one of the biggest toys in the country right now. Everyone is always trying to get their hands on the best one. What makes them so special? Well according to Hollywood Insider, “Squishmallows have become a popular fidget and stim object due to the sensory appeal of the stuffing material as well as the outer fabric.” As we know fidget toys alone are huge among kids nowadays. They help with focus which is great for kids during the school year.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Must Haves list if we didn’t put together some of our favorite Squishmallows out there We know that shopping for kids and teens can be a challenge, but these Squishmallows seem to be a hit among many of them. So check out some of our favorites below.

  • 1) Darla The Fawn – Christmas Squishmallow

    Squishmallows have really started to lean into the holidays! This Darla the Fawn one is super cute and great for the holidays! It will make a super adorable gift for under the tree.

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  • 2) Anya The Caticorn Mermaid

    According to the Squishmallows Collectors Guide, Anya is one of the staple Squishmallows. She’s an adorable caticorn (a cat and unicorn mix) as well as a mermaid! Honestly, the more I look at these the more I get it. They’re just down right adorable.

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  • 3) Anastasia The Axolotl

    Some of you are probably thinking “how in the world do I pronounce that A word?” If you’re not familiar with these funny looking guys an Axolotl (ax-suhlaa-tl) is are kind of like unique-looking salamander. And people love them. This Anastasia one from Squishmallows is extremely popular too and for me, the fact that she’s a pretty teal blue makes it that much better!

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  • 4) Raisy The Ramen Bowl

    I may have added this one for the sake of myself. This one is just so cute. I don’t know why the foodie Squishmallows melt my heart, but they do. I mean it’s Ramen!!! What’s better?

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  • 5) Babs The Blue Jay

    Another straight off the list from the collector’s guide. Babs is a blue jay and also one of the 14-inch Squishmallows which means she’s a bit bigger. Squishmallows do come in various sizes so be sure to keep an eye on those as you order!

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  • 6) Angie The Shiba Inu

    I will tell you right now that this one looks to be one of the most popular Squishmallows. It currently doesn’t have many left in stock and it’s a bit more expensive than the others. But if you are on the hunt for this Squishmallow for your little one, it’s definitely worth grabbing now.

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  • 7) Oogie Boogie From The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t just a phenomenal Halloween movie it works well as a Christmas movie which is weird, but we love it. And Oogie Boogie, who happens to be a villain, is a lot of people’s favorite character! So this Squishmallow might just be the best gift if you have a huge Oogie Boogie fan on your holiday shopping list. 

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  • 8) Regina The Corgi

    This one is definitely on here for me. If anyone wants to get me a gift for the holidays… this is it!

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  • 9) Scented Mystery Squishmallows

    When I found these I thought about how cool this would be as a stocking stuffer! They’re 5-inch (so essentially mini) mystery Squishmallows that are scented. So you could get a couple of them to put into your kids’ stocking and then they get a fun mystery Squishmallow or two. 

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  • 10) Mystery Surprise Box Squishmallows

    And speaking of mystery Squishmallows, this box comes with 3 mystery Squishmallows. I definitely think this is a great option for folks who want to give their kids or teens a fun surprise for the holidays.

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  • Cam the Cat Backpack

    And of course, I wanted to include one more cool Squishmallow item. This Cam the Cat isn’t just an adorable Squishmallow, but it also is a backpack, which is super cool! Definitely a great idea for a kid for Christmas.

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