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The holidays are here which means it’s time for all the holiday shopping to commence! While dashing around looking for the perfect gifts to fit under the tree, sometimes small gifts like stocking stuffers get neglected until the very end. That’s where we come in. Sometimes the same old stocking stuffers like candy, underwear, and socks can get a little boring. We wanted to help you bring some more joy back into this time-honored tradition. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 12 super fun and exciting stocking stuffers that are great for every member of the family including those hard-to-shop for teens and dads. Everything from back scratchers to tiny toy trinkets, there is definitely something for everyone on this list.

  • 1) 5-Inch Squishmallow Farm Animals

    Everyone loves Squishmallows! Kids, teens, and even adults find these adorable squishy toys perfect for their rooms. These farm animal-inspired ones are definitely adorable and are part of the small set of Squishmallows. At just 5 inches, these have a solid possibility of fitting at the top of the stocking so they can peek their tiny heads out and smile at you on Christmas morning. 

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  • 2) Bob Ross Paint By Numbers Kit

    Mini Bob Ross By The Numbers Painting Kit

    Bob Ross is a cultural icon. His soothing voice and way of making the world beautiful is why even after his passing the world still loves him. This paint-by-numbers kit may not be the same as painting while he does, but it’s a good start for the people who don’t have as much artistic ability.

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  • 3) iWalk Portable Charger

    If your kids or loved ones have an iPhone these iWalks would make a great stocking stuffer. It’s a portable charger that can be super useful for trips, and they’re very compact which makes them great for storage.

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  • 4) I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks

    I know I said this wouldn’t be all socks, but these are great for the dad’s stocking! Or any golfer really. Plus these novelty socks come in a variety of different styles and such so you can pick for any type of activity.

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  • 5) Back Scratcher

    Listen, the number of times this would come in handy for me are too many to count. But again a great gift for dads and they do fit very well in a stocking.

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  • 6) Fidget Toy Pack

    Let’s be fair, we all know that fidgets are one of the best things to get for a stocking. Kids love them and so do teens. This package has over 40 different fidgets so you can separate them among the stockings you have and fill them up!

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  • 7) LOL Surprise Ball

    The surprise collectible balls like these make great gifts. They’re always fun because of the surprise on top of the fact that they are the perfect size for a stocking.

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  • 8) Monster Truck Balls

    And in case you want something fun for the kids who love trucks and things, this monster truck surprise ball is perfect.

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  • 9) Fuzzy Cabin Socks

    I love fuzzy cabin socks. These are perfect for cold and cozy winters, and snuggling up under blankets. If you have any teen girls who love fuzzy socks this is a huge win. Plus this comes as a pack so if you want to separate them into individual stockings you can. 

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  • 10) World’s Smallest Cornhole

    Well, I feel like this goes without saying. This world’s smallest cornhole is perfect for the stocking. It will provide some simple fun and it will make a fun small gift for the stocking.

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  • 11) Personalized Name Necklace

    This is a great idea for a teen! A beautiful, small necklace with their name on it not only would fit very well in a stocking, but it’s outside of the normal socks and underwear motif. You can choose the font style, the metal color, and the length so that the necklace fits its recipient best.

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  • 12) Personalized Makeup Bag

    Speaking of more personalized stocking stuffers, this is a great option too. For a teen who loves makeup, this personalized makeup bag is a really nifty idea. It will show how much you care about them and give them something practical that won’t just end up in a pile on the floor next to the tree. 

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