Must Haves

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Summer days at the pool are the best! Whether you head over to your local watering hole or have one in your backyard, the Summer sun always brings the fun. For parents, it’s the perfect time to cool down the water, work on your tan, and catch up on some reading. But what about the kids? They definitely need something to keep themselves occupied! From towels to toys, we’ve got you covered with the best summer pool essentials so you can relax, and the kids will have a blast. Check it out below!

  • Water Wing Floaties

    These reusable water floaties come in a two pack for the whole family to use for safety and comfort. Easy on and off with no scratching materials. Comes in orange and blue for your whole crew!

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  • Comfort Lounge Seat

    This comfort lounge seat will be a hit for you or the kiddos that want to float about the pool and try to relax.  The oversized inflatable pillow supports your head so you can keep it above the water and mostly dry while the cares of everyday life drift away. Choose your favorite color from four options.

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  • Three-Pack Kids Goggles

    This three-pack of kid-size goggles will fit the whole fam and last the summer for extended use. Your kids will be able to see where they’re going and hopefully not knock you off your lounge float.

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  • 29 Piece Pool Toy Set

    This pack comes with 29 pieces and features multiple options for pool toys from diving toys to playing catch, the little ones will have something to keep them occupied the whole visit long.

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  • Coleman Portable Hard Cooler, 9 Quart

    This portable cooler will keep your drinks cool and your snacks fresh for the appetites the kids will be sure to be building. Choose your favorite color from teal, red, and blue.

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  • Pop Up Sun Shelter

    This pop-up tent is perfect for the kids that need a little break from the summer rays. Easily set up and taken down, this shelter provides shade all day for your people or your stuff.

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  • Hooded Towel Poncho

    Choose your kid’s favorite theme in these uber cute hooded towels. The poncho design measures 24″x36″ in full-length with a 11.4×12″ hood, perfect for kids age 1-6 years old.

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  • Swim Diapers

    Don’t be that parent at the pool with the kid whose pants look like they’re well pass changing time. This design repels water on the outside while keeping all the important things on the inside and avoid leaks.

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  • Babyganics Kids Mineral Sunscreen Roller Ball

    Keep your kiddos skin safe with this easy sunscreen by Babyganics. This sunscreen is made with plant-derived, certified organic and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients making this a great option for your kids in the sun.

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  • Striped Beach Towels - 4 Pack

    Have enough towels for the crowd with these assorted striped beach-size towels. Highly absorbent and quick to dry make these towels the perfect choice.

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  • Collapsible Wagon

    And of course something to lug all these awesome gear in. This wagon is perfect for taking tired kids to the car or for packing in all your stuff for easy transport. Choose between red or blue and ride in style all summer long. 

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  • Rubber Toys

    If you have little ones that are going to be in the pool these are sure to provide them with some fun. A pool is just a bigger bathtub, right? So why not throw in a few rubber duckies?

  • Unicorn Pool Float

    One of the things we used to do as kids was to play make-believe while in the pool! Who else remembers pretending to be a mermaid or a pirate on the seven seas? This unicorn pool float might not be a mermaid or a pirate ship, but it’s fantastical and definitely a fun way for your kids to play and float in the pool. Plus, think of all the cool stories your kids will come up with riding this majestic steed!

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  • Cactus Ring Toss Floaty

    And speaking of floaties and fun, this cactus ring toss game looks like a blast. It’s an inflatable cactus that floats around in the water and comes with a set of four rings. The goal is to get the ring on each of the different arms of the cactus. This is definitely something fun your kids will love having the pool!

  • Bonus Item: Cassette Mix Tape Pool Float

    Parents, we couldn’t just leave you hanging! The moment we saw this cassette mix tape pool float we knew this was something you would enjoy. Not only does it have us reminiscing about the good-ole days, but when it’s time to get in the pool to lounge around this mix tape pool float would be a super stylish way to go about it.

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