Must Haves

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Guys, if you’ve ever been in the doghouse with your woman you know how crucial it is to get things turned away quickly. There are definitely times when we’ve all screwed up and need to make up for it by showing our girls we love them. Sometimes it means apologizing and sometimes it means giving them something really nice. For example, if Sunday Night you’re planning a boys’ night to watch your favorite NFL team, but you didn’t run it by your girl, these may be a great option to get you out of that aforementioned doghouse. Fellas, I am a girl and I can tell you for sure that one of all of these items will save the day.

  • Weighted Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

    If your girlfriend is like me, she is always cold. I am definitely always cold. I saw this and instantly fell in love. Another great perk is that it’s a weighted heating pad. Does your girl constantly sleep with a weighted blanket? It’s like that but it basically gives them some back pain relief. Another win for you because you won’t have to do the massaging (unless you want additional perks…)

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  • Leg Massager with Heat for Circulation

    Because I shared an item that helps when youre cold. This one might be a little extreme, but I promise if I got this as a gift, trust me, you are good!

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  • Foot Massager Machine with Heat Function

    I absolutely love my feet to be rubbed. Like I absolutely love it. This tech toy here just from the look tells me that I will absolutely love this.

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  • Portable Handheld Fan

    If your girlfriend loves to go to brunch, and hang out with her girlfriends, then this is a Must Have for her. Even during the winter with makeup, partying is hot. Very hot. I dont wear foundation anymore like that, but I still get warm. I had a small fan that would plug into my charger port. This will fit in a small purse and save the day.

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  • Full Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

    This next item is everything! This will put all of your girlfriends jewelry in the same place that she chooses to bask in her beauty. Trust me, fellas. This is a great item!

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  • Standing Desk Dual Motor with USB Charging Ports

    If your girlfriend works from home, this is the perfect gift. A lot of people are now switching to a work-from-home life. This desk features USB ports and a headphone hook, and it comes in two colors. This is perfect.

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  • Smart Mirror

    As women, getting ourselves together in good light is everything! This smart mirror has an app to connect with your smartphone as well. The LED lights are 6000K so that brightness really gets her in the best light. The interface gives you date, time, and weather information. This mirror here is everything and I want it asap!

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