Must Haves

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It’s not easy selecting a gift for your wife or girlfriend, so what do you get the woman who has everything? For me, trying to buy something for my wife, Jodi, it’s always a challenge. Not that she is that woman who has everything, but to surprise her, it’s tough. She is a very sensible woman, good taste, but doesn’t need all the expensive bling. That’s not too say she wouldn’t accept it…heck what woman wouldn’t?

So each and every year for her birthday and for Christmas I begin to stress out on what to get her. I always say that each and every year I’m going to take notes so when she does mention something I’ll have it right there. Does that every happen… NOPE! I have great intentions… and to top it off, Jodi is a great gift giver. She remembers, uses her imagination and really researches stuff! Lucky me right?

But when asked, what do you get the woman that has everything? So I actually started looking around for gifts that weren’t only unique, but affordable. You’d be surprised at what you can find and, with a little luck, what women would appreciate getting. For a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. And with some of these ideas, if you get a little creative, it means even that much more.

I’ve gone out and did a little shopping on behalf of all the other guys that find themselves in the same position as me. Browsed through websites, walked through stores and even ventured into a mall or two to see what’s out there.

What is it that you could actually buy the woman who has everything and yet still make her feel special. It’s a task that I didn’t take lightly, not was it easy. But it needed to be done…so here ya go, just a few ideas to help you out. Go ahead and scroll down to see what’s out there!