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February isn’t all about romantic love, platonic love is just as important. Galentine’s Day is February 13th and it’s the official day for friends to get together and celebrate how much they treasure each other. If you’re like me, you like to be a little bit extra and make it a whole event. And that means wines, décor, gifts, and so much more. So here is my Galentine’s celebration and gift guide to help you find some super cute items for your upcoming event!

  • Decorations

  • 1) Pink Champagne Glasses

    I will forever feel classy drinking out of champagne glasses! These super cute pink champagne glasses will fit in perfectly at your Galentine’s Day celebration. They definitely add that extra touch to the overall vibe.

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  • 2) Metallic Pink Fringe Curtain

    We love a photo op moment! This super cute pink fringe curtain is the perfect way to set up a background for Instagram. 

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  • 3) Galentine’s Day Balloons

    Pair your cute pink fringe background with this balloon banner! Trust me the photos will be impeccable.

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  • 4) Heart Shaped Glasses and Headbands

    If there is one thing I know it’s that these little shades are great for having fun and staying in the theme. Throw on a feather boa and you’ve got the whole look!

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  • 5) Pink Candle Holders

    Another perfect way to make the whole party classy! These super cute candle holders will be a perfect addition to your festivities. It really helps elevate the whole vibe.

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  • 6) Red Lip Balloons

    Okay, but I’m already picturing the photos! Holding the lips, posing behind the pink backdrop, grabbing the heart-shaped glasses! Seriously, everyone will be jealous of your party.

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  • Gifts

  • 1) Unpaid Therapist Candle 

    What are best friends for if not to complain about your problems?! This candle will not only make your bestie laugh, but she’ll thank you for showing her some appreciation because let’s face it, we’ve made some poor decisions in the past and they’ve always been there to deal with the fallout.

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  • 2) Bestie Stemless Wine Glass

    Bonding over wine is just one of the many reasons why you’re friends, right? So grab her this super cute wine glass and show her how much you care.

  • 3) No One Will Ever Be As Entertained By Us As Us

    This is absolutely true. Think about the number of times you and you’ve best friend have laughed so hard you were crying and on the verge of wetting your pants. For me, the number is too high it’s embarrassing. But don’t even get me started on how you can’t explain the joke to anyone else because no one else will ever be as entertained by you and your best friend as you two.

  • 4) Reasons Why You’re My BFF Book

    Okay yes! We love this idea. You get to personalize 30 pages to explain the reason why your BFF is well… your BFF. That’s a serious thing and trust me she’ll love it.

  • 5) Relaxation Kit

    Okay, if your bestie is anything like mine, you know she’s hard-working and definitely could use a night of relaxation. So give her that gift with this care package. This box includes a 6oz soy candle, scented bath bomb, moisturizing lip balm, handcrafted soap, color matches, and a greeting card with a personal message from you. Plus you can add a few items on like scrunchies and eye masks.

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  • 6) You’re The She To My Nanigans Candle

    This candle made me laugh and if you and your bestie are always getting up to trouble this is a great way to show it off. Plus you get to pick the size and the scent it comes as!

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  • 7) Galentine’s Day Pencil Set

    Show off your appreciate for your friend with this super cute pencil set. And if you want to go a little bit more of the sarcastic and funny side, this set of pencils had me cracking up. Ovaries before Brovaries, Hoes before Bros, Uteruses before Duderuses! Hilarious and your friend is going to love them as well. 

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  • 8) Ghost Friends Mug

    And because you’re BFF’s for Life that should also include death, which is why you need to get her this ghost friends mug! It really just explains it all on the mug.

  • 9) Wine

    Last, but certainly, not least don’t forget the wine. My pick for you is this 2021 Sauv. Blanc. It’s made here in the US. It is a “lush, vibrant white wine that is teeming with mouthwatering flavors like ripe pineapple, juicy mango, and zippy citrus.” So for me, that sounds perfect and exactly what I love in a wine. Be sure to check out Naked Wines to find other varietals you may enjoy.