Must Haves

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Well, guys, we all know that the holidays are that time of year when the panic of finding the right gift that your wife actually wants sets in. I wish I could say we like the simple things in life, but that’s probably not true for most of us. And we’re also secretly hoping that you get it right without us having to tell you what we want. Now, I’m not saying I will get everything right for you, but as a woman, I’m definitely qualified to help you find a few things she probably has on a wish list or would seriously love owning. So I hope this helps. 

  • 1) Wine Club Subscription

    If your wife loves wine then get her a subscription to a wine club. Winc is great because it allows them to pick out their favorite types of wine along with the flavor profiles and it selects various wines that they are most likely to enjoy. It’s an incredible subscription, and truthfully, it keeps the gift top of mind every month so you can continue to reap the benefits of a job well done.

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  • 2) A Kindle

    If your wife likes reading, get her a kindle. Listen there are still a lot of us that love physically holding books. But books do take up a lot of space and a kindle is one way to help downsize. I would also highly recommend getting a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. It allows her to select 20 titles at a time that she gets to read and keep and trade. It’s a great deal and right now you get the first 3 months with the purchase at no extra charge and then its $9.99 a month. Truly you can’t go wrong with this one.

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  • 3) A Colleen Hoover Book

    If you want to go the physical book route then you need to get her a Colleen Hoover book. If she hasn’t already told you about them the chances are she’s at least heard about them from her friends. If you know your wife likes Thrillers get her this one, Verity. It’s one of my favorites and definitely one of the most popular from this author. Trust me, Colleen Hoover is like the new Nora Roberts. You won’t go wrong with this.

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  • 4) Stitch Fix Subscription

    Going shopping is fun, but sometimes it’s difficult. You wife might love doing it, but sometimes we just want someone to tell us what’s trending and help us pick out items we can love. Enter Stitch Fix. It’s like a personal shopper. In fact, you actually get a personal shopper that helps you pick out clothing based on the specific types of things you’re looking for. They ship the items to you and you pay for what you keep. It works out really well! Definitely a thoughtful gift.

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  • 5) Candles

    Yep, that’s right. Candles. I’m sure there are already tons around the house, but you need more. Trust me, there is never too many candles in the house. This is definitely a gift I would add with something else. This scent though is a favorite of mine. It’s fun and holiday-Esq. Plus it’s warm and can be used throughout the year.

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  • 6) A Charcuterie Board Set

    This would pair well with the wine subscription! A charcuterie board set is a fantastic idea for a number of reasons. First, it allows your wife to know that you understand her desire to have her friends over so they can drink wine, eat cheese, and watch Grey’s Anatomy or whatever their favorite show is. Second, it’s actually a really cool gift idea. It comes with a variety of different knives, nooks and crannies, and lots of things to really have an all-out charcuterie night. Definitely a great idea if you know your wife is a brunch lover. 

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  • 7) Slippers

    I can’t explain why our feet are always cold, but they are. We are constantly in need of fuzzy socks and fuzzy slippers. Plus they’re super comfy! These UGG slippers are a great option. She can easily slip these on after a long day of work. Wear them out when it’s cold outside, and just generally walk around the house in them.

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  • 8) Fleece Photo Blanket of Her Favorite Memories

    If you have kids this is always a winner. We love sentimental gifts like this. Not only does it allow us to reminisce but it shows us a level of care too. I would highly recommend looking through some the photos on your wife’s Facebook page and pulling the ones she clearly loves. Those will usually be the ones she sets as a profile picture or a header at the top of the page. Make sure to find one that includes just the two of you as well. It might be from a vacation or even from a recent wedding, but those are always great options. 

  • 9) Custom Wood Sign

    We love a good family wooden sign for the house! If you don’t already have one in your home this is such a great gift idea. Put your family’s name down and the year you and your partner got married. You can also select the type of wood you’d like and finish.

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  • 10) Spa Kit

    She wants a day off. Trust me when I say that. And a spa kit is a great idea. This gift set includes a Lavender Natural Soap Bar, a Cosmetic Bag, a Lavender Scrub in a large jar, Lavender Body Oil, a Shower steamer Mist in 4 oz bottle, a Natural Lip Balm, a Facial Clay mask, a Scented Candle, and a Soap saver sponge. It’s such a great way to help your wife relax.

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  • 11) Important Day Print

    For all of the important moments in your life. Even if you don’t have kids this can be a great gift to put the date of your first date, your engagement, your wedding date, etc. This is super sentimental and shows how much you care about her.

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