Must Haves

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It’s officially that time of year. Spring cleaning is a big ritual for many folks. It can feel like a huge task though. While there are many ways to tackle cleaning, I’ve always found it’s best to go room by room. For me the closet is a room in its own right. My closet isn’t very big and there are wayyyyy too many clothes which means keeping things organized is my version of spring cleaning. Here are some of my favorite closet organization tools. 

  • 1) Hanging 3 Shelf Organizer

    Now if you’re not able to fit a dresser in your room, this hanging organizer can be really helpful for your closet. Many closets only have a single shelf and for me, that is where all my sweatshirts go. This hanging organizer is helpful for storing other clothes like t-shirts, socks, underwear, etc.

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  • 2) Clear Shoe Box Organizers

    Is the bottom of your closet a shoe pit? This clear shoe box organizer is super helpful for keeping your shoes straight. I love the fact that it’s clear as well. That allows me to physically see all of my shoes without having to spend several minutes digging out the pair I’m looking for.

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  • 3) Space Saving Hangers

    These made the rounds on TikTok a couple of years back and my life hasn’t been the same. These space-saving hangers are perfect for those of you who have lots of clothes. The hangers allow you to have more hangers hanging vertically below your closet rod. These can hold a good bit of weight as well. Up to 30 pounds of cloth. So you can utilize these for many garments.

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  • 4) 6 Shelf Hanging Organizer

    This is another great option if you need more storage space. This set even comes with a little insert for the undergarments if you need that.

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  • 5) Stackable Plastic Baskets

    If you have some space in the bottom of your closet then this can be helpful for those garments that need to be folded. I definitely see this for my jeans or workout gear that just wouldn’t make sense to hang.

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  • 6) Legging Organizers

    Now speaking of workout gear and, furthermore, leggings, this is a really great option for those of you who have tons of leggings! It allows you to clip your leggings and hang them up which is really quite genius.

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  • 7) Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

    Now, some of you may have your dresser in your closet so this is more of a bonus addition to the list. I love this honeycomb organizer. I am a sucker for more organization and this is perfect for keeping my underwear and socks organized. It’s easy to put together and there are multiple sections that can fill up your whole drawer if needed. 

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  • 8) Drawer Divider

    This is another bonus item of sorts that ties into the previous item. These bamboo drawer dividers are great for your dresser. They are adjustable/retractable which allows you to fit them to the specific size of your dresser. I use these to keep my t-shirts in neat rows. I’ve been using the Marie Kondo method of stacking your shirts in your dresser so you can see them all instead of stacking them on top of each other. These dividers help keep the shirts standing up and not getting smushed in the rows.

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  • 9) Expandable Metal Hanging Rack

    And for those of you who really want some more shelf space, this is a great option. It’s expandable and can hold a lot more weight than you think.  

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