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It’s been five years since the last installment in the Transformers film franchise. Bumblebee, which came out in 2018, was the last time we saw our favorite robots in disguise. This past week, the latest installment, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts premiered and boy does it have us reminiscing about our childhoods.  

For all of us who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, Transformers was one that you knew was going to be on. From 1984 to 1987, The Transformers, aka the animated series, aired on Saturday mornings.  

So, because this is the latest buzz it had my brain thinking of what kinds of cool Transformers products there were out there. And because I love a good bit of online shopping, I’ve put together a list of Transformers items that will definitely have you feeling nostalgic for your childhood.


  • 1) Transformers Neon Sign

    Okay, I am just picturing how cool this would look in a game room! The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons is one we all know well. And while I am rooting for the Autobots every film, I know there are some Decepticon lovers out there too. This creator makes both the Autobot and Decepticon symbol in a large neon sign that would make a really awesome piece of décor. 

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  • 2) Transformers Vintage Toy Patent Posters

    Speaking of really cool décor, if I could completely redo a whole room with various Transformers décor items I know this would be one of them. This piece of art is inspired by the Transformer action figure patents from Hasbro in the U.S. Absolutely awesome!  

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  • 3) Transformers 1984 Autobot Shirt

    Another incredibly cool shirt! This shirt is so nostalgic for the TV series. So for anyone who just misses having that little bit of childhood, this is the item for you. The shirt is available in 6 different dark-tone colors, as well as a plethora of sizes. 

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  • 4) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Comic Inspired Movie Poster

    The second film in the Transformers franchise was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now, that movie still holds the record for one of the funniest things my brother has ever said which is when one of the main characters “dies” he looked over at us and said he wanted the leave the film. We did not leave, but we did get a funny moment out of it. Anyway… this is a super cool item! The creator of this item made a comic book-inspired movie poster based on the original film’s promotional poster. If you love that vintage/comic book look this item is an instant add-to-cart! 

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  • 5) War for Cybertron Shirt

    This is such a cool logo! When it comes to fun t-shirts I’m always looking for a cool one regarding of my favorite shows and movies. This shirt features a mash up of the Autobot and Decepticon symbols which just looks so cool. Plus, if you remember anything from the origin story of these two is that there was an epic battle on the planet Cybertron which is what this shirt is supposed to be similar to. 

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  • 6) Autobot Monogram Baseball Cap

    I could see this being a super cool birthday or any occasion gift. This an embroidered hat featuring the Autobot symbol. It’s available in several different cap colors, and it can even be customized with other words like a name. Make sure to check out the full listing details for how to personalize! 

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  • 7) Join The Autobots Shirt

    How awesome is this shirt? It reminds me so much of a comic book and the TV show animation that I knew immediately it was getting added to this list. The tee is available in multiple colors, styles/cuts, and sizes. 

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  • 8) Optimus Prime Retro 80’s Tee

    Look how amazing this is! If this isn’t making you miss the 80s, I feel like you are lying. This shirt is super cool, and I feel like any Transformers lovers, especially all of you were have been obsessed since the beginning, would love this shirt. The tee is available in so many sizes including many plus sizes too. 

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  • 9) Transformers Movie Tumbler

    I’m all for a cool water cup! I don’t know what it is, but I think if I had to pin it down, it’s the fact that I know people would take one look at this and say “Wow! Where did you get that?!” The tumbler is designed to have a retro look to it, and it celebrates that nostalgia of the old TV series. The tumbler is 30-ounce cup that comes with a lid and a straw. Be sure to check out all the listing details for how to care for it. 

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  • 10) Transformers Periodic Table Tee

    I saw this and immediately wanted it! For all of you nerdy folks who love a little bit more science with your science fiction, this is for you. While this isn’t like the full periodic table, it does have a great rendition of it. Each “element” is represented by one of the characters from the franchise. You can grab this shirt in a wide variety of sizes. 

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