Must Haves

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Hey guys! I recently traveled with my kids to Florida by plane. I’m sure any parent knows that traveling with kids, especially little ones, is essentially a full-time job. There are tons of different things going on at the airport that can cause chaos and travel anxiety. You’ve gotta remember to wear the right shoes, to know where you’re laptop is, ensure that you don’t have water in your bottle… and that’s just getting through TSA! That’s not to mention all of the other things that happen in the airport while you’re waiting to board your plane. So how do you make traveling via plane less stressful? Well, there are some surefire items I found to make traveling so much easier. Check out these 9 travel essentials that everyone should definitely have when they’re flying.

  • Toilet Seat Covers

    My toddler always has to go to the bathroom at the wrong times when we travel. I used to take him to hotel lobby bathrooms when we traveled by car. Usually, hotel lobby bathrooms are clean. I usually stop at the same caliber of hotels that I would stay in. With air travel, its very different. This is where seat covers come in handy. It can fit in your carry-on and will come in handy on the plane. These drape all the way over the seat. Kids always want to touch the sides so this makes me so much more comfortable.

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  • Pill Bottle

    This is not your ordinary pill bottle. This is made to withstand just about any damage, but the biggest thing I love the most about it its style. Its compact, yet easy to travel with.

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  • Shoe Bags

    Listen. I need about 3-4 pairs of shoes. Im a “just-in-case” type of person. Just in case I need to dress up, down, or over the top, I want to be ready. These shoe bags are perfect for travel and keep everything clean.

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  • Travel Containers

    I am a container girl. If you were to visit Target or even the dollar store, this is not only more cost-effective, but the variety is everything! I may have to order this myself!

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  • Child Travel Table

    This right here might just be a God send for us parents. This table does so much and on top of that, your child can use it as an eating table and an entertainment table. I need this right now in my life.

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  • Travel Potty

    As a Mom, I cant tell you how amazing this can be. I have pulled over countless times for my youngest son to use the bathroom. I cant imagine what I would do with a little girl. Earlier in this article, I linked toilet seat covers. They are amazing. This is an alternative for some and a really good travel item.

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  • Epic Foldable Stroller

    This stroller would have been my gift for traveling with a small child. This stroller folds so flat, that it could fit almost anywhere. There is even a cozy strap for carrying. This is a Must Have for sure.

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  • Travel Perfume Bottles

    I love to smell amazingly delicious ok! I have some absolute favorite perfumes, but I wouldnt dare take them on the plane. I didnt want to risk them getting stolen or taken. These are the absolute answer! I have quite a few of these. This allows me to not have to compromise on everything I love when I vacation.

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  • Travel Car Seat

    Jesus Christ! Where was this when I needed it! It can be a lot traveling with a car seat, stroller, luggage, etc. Anything that is foldable and/or compact makes life so much easier. I may have to order this for my niece. This is not just foldable, but it comes with a bag! This is an absolute Must Have!

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