Must Haves

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Have an upcoming trip and you’re looking to make sure you have everything? We totally get it. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what is exactly TSA approved and what isn’t. So we’ve put together a list of travel essentials you can actually take with you on an airplane.

  • Travel Bottles & TSA Approved Clear Bag

    For all of us that are taking a carry-on, bringing on liquids can only be done in a 3oz bottle, and bags must be clear. These TSA-approved silicone travel bottles, containers, and toiletry bags are fully compliant with the 311 TSA rule for carry-on liquids on domestic and international flights. The travel kit includes convenient 4 silicone bottles, 3 sizes of jars, and a mini spatula to easily transfer liquids. It even comes with pre-printed and empty sets of labels that will help you easily distinguish the contents of each container. 

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  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow

    Especially for flights that might be a little longer, a neck pillow is a serious travel essential. This one has memory foam to help you get a little rest at a good angle for your neck. This pillow also comes with earplugs. 

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  • Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount

    How smart is this? Not all planes come with fun little screens where you can watch movies and such. This will make sure to help you out a bit. 

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  • Microbead Eye Mask

    Some of us really love napping on planes! This eye mask is made of “irresistibly smooth nylon” and hundreds of microbeads mold to comfortably fit your face. It also holds adjustable straps to help you keep earplugs in place.

  • 4 Slot Credit Card Recycled Leather RFID Protected Wallet

    This is a sleek wallet in exclusive recycled leather that holds all your preferred credit and transit cards, AND recharges your smartphone! How great is that? Especially if you’re traveling for a while this can come in handy. 

  • Tray Mask Activity

    It may seem weird, but this is a really great way to keep your kids engaged if you’re planning on traveling with children. It has a few activities on it that can they can do while they wait out your flight. And the best part is that it’s disposable.

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  • Travel Cup Holders For Your Luggage

    If you’re on the go a lot, this could be super helpful for you. This just attaches to your suitcase and can be used to hold your coffee as you navigate through the airport. 

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  • Shoe Travel Bags

    Okay, this is definitely a new travel Must Have for us! Are you ever worried about your shoes getting your clean clothes dirty? These travel bags for your shoes are a simple solution. 

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  • Electronics Travel Organizer

    Not only is this waterproof, but it’s a serious tool for all of us travelers. This tech pouch organizer comes with two compartments with differentsized pockets, designed to store your tech stuff and keep them organized.

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  • Duffle Bag

    Sometimes we just need to upgrade our carry on luggage. This duffel bag is a great “Weekender” option for anyone who is looking to travel. 

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  • Traditional Spinner Carry On

    And of course, we can’t leave out a traditional carry on bag. This one is perfect for travelers as it comes as more than just your regular bag. This bag from Samsonite comes with integrated extras like a built-in TSA lock and USB port. It’s even treated with Sam-AMH™ technology AT major touchpoints to help keep hands clean. 

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