Must Haves

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Are you one that loves for your home to have an aesthetically pleasing vibe? I am, and I LOVE walking into my home and seeing such a vibe. I have creme, white, and black all throughout my home with pops of navy blue. It feels like I am living in a magazine. I know, sounds crazy but oh well! Aesthetic home items can be really fun pieces.

Sometimes people come over and tell me how “homey” my apartment feels and I am okay with that. I enjoy having a space that is neat, clean, organized and feels like HGTV threw up on it. I am obsessed with interior design so when it’s aesthetically pleasing, I am happy. It’s not always about practicality, it’s about what you like and what’s cute. Because why not?!

But have you ever felt like it’s hard to gauge what to get to make your home aesthetically pleasing? It seems like nowadays we turn to TikToks and Reels to figure that out. And let me just say, some of you out there have style! Truly, the amount of time I’ve spent scrolling through Reels and TikToks in awe of some of these unique bedrooms and homes is astonishing. The fact is, these platforms are the new way for us to find this new sense of style. Little odds and ends, color schemes, even certain products like full-length mirrors or vanities, are all the rage.

So, I put together this list. Check out some of my favorite unique and aesthetic home items you’ve probably seen on TikTok that I highly recommend for any home.  

  • Heart Shaped Mugs

    Who said even your coffee and tea had to be basic? I am not even a fan of hot drinks, but I bought these for the sole purpose of how cute they are. Like seriously, when you pour your drink the heart shape appears and it’s so cute! So yes, it’s not a necessity, but it is surely aesthetically pleasing so the purchase is well worth it.

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  • Square Stoneware Dinnerware

    If you are a fan of making your plate look pretty, then this is perfect for you. I am one who will plate my food so that it looks nice and sometimes even take a picture of a meal that I am proud of. I enjoy cool dinnerware and one of my favorite YouTubers had this set and I was obsessed instantly. It just makes your food look better, so it honestly makes it nicer to enjoy your meal and clean up afterward.

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  • Laundry Organizers

    If you are an OCD-organized person like me, then this would be perfect for you. This of course is nothing that is a necessity, but I had to do it. I prefer to have all of my things similar and organized. I follow a TikTok page that does ASMR for their organization and it got me hooked. You can store all of your laundry needs in such a cute way and it’s perfect to look at.

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  • Clear Fridge Organizers

    Yes, I am one of those and you can judge me all you want. My fridge is 100% organized and neat and I love every single bit of it. So, of course, I am going to share that with you all. This is for the organized and aesthetically driven person who really wants to show what they’re made of. It’s so nice to look at your fridge and see how great it looks with an order of groceries neatly placed. 

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  • Ribbed Glassware Set

    I have an obsession with glassware and pretty cups in my home. It’s honestly probably a problem, but oh well. I love to see my cups that look so cute and have a great setup. These ribbed glasses have matching straws and they look great. Whether it’s water, juice, a mocktail, or anything it will look so cute to have in your home while sipping on something tasty.

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  • Spice Drawer Organization

    More organization, because well you know. Organization is pretty much how aesthetics works. Enjoy some spice jar organization. Everything can be in the same color, shape, and size bottle with a little label. If you are like me and maybe don’t have the best handwriting, printable labels are always great! This is another one that I truly enjoy. It makes cooking so fun when it all looks so pretty.

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  • Full Body Arch Mirror

    A full-body mirror is pretty much always a necessity. But, a full-body, arched mirror is well worth it. Not only can you see the full outfit and take cute pictures in it, but it will look great just sitting in your apartment as well. Let’s be serious, you shouldn’t have to really think too hard about this one. It’s a full-body mirror, you need to have it.

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