Must Haves

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The post-holidays are here and that means it’s time to cash in on those great gift cards folks gave you. Some people may be content with purchasing items off their wish list that didn’t get purchased by friends and family. But if you’re like me and never really have that much on your wish list, to begin with, you might be sitting there thinking what do I get myself now that the holidays are over? Well, that’s why I like to spend hours combing through the internet trying to find things that will not only bring me joy but be useful to my everyday life. 

I am going into 2023 with the idea that everything I own will have a purpose, a place, and be useful on a weekly basis at a minimum. That’s hard to achieve, I know! But everything in my house needs to have a shelf life otherwise I will become a clutter-filled disaster. So, here are a few useful things you can buy with your Amazon Gift cards.

  • 1) Blue Light Glasses

    Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. If you sit in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day and scroll on your cell phone or tablet and watch TV before bed you probably don’t realize how much you need these. While many prescription wearers may already have blue light added to their standard lenses, what about the days you decide to wear contacts? Blue light glasses are great for helping reduce the strain on your eyes from blue light devices such as cell phones and computers. If you’re getting headaches throughout the day, it might not be caffeine withdrawal. Get yourself a pack of blue light glasses. This set is a neutral pack including a pair of clear and black frames, but there are tons of other designs and styles out there to choose from!

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  • 2) Charging Station

    As someone who has practically every Apple device, my 3-in-1 charging station is my favorite item I own. I can charge my AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone all from one dock at night. It’s incredibly convenient and it really helps me cut down on the locations in which I need to charge my devices. 

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  • 3) Cable Organizer

    Speaking of cords and charging, I know it sounds out, but one of my big things for 2023 is having a place for everything. And cords are just a tricky beast to manage. A cable organizer, like this, is designed to help you keep your space clutter-free. It can easily fit on the back of a nightstand or desk.

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  • 4) Flipside Dishwasher Sign

    It’s small and a bit weird, again, but trust me this thing is my lifesaver. I am notorious for trying to keep the sink free from dishes. I’m a rinse the dish and place it in the dishwasher type (as we all should be). But the biggest thing that needs to happen in my household is alerting folks if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. This sign is super convenient and takes the guesswork out (as long as you remember to change it). It comes with a magnet so you can easily adhere it to your dishwasher and flip it as needed. 

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  • 5) 2023 Daily Planner

    What is more organizational than a daily planner? Whether you use it to catalog your upcoming events or your to-do list and tasks, a daily planner is a great useful item to have handy! This one has a bonus 6 months as well which is great!

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  • 6) Wireless Headphones

    If you are in the need of new earbuds and are looking for something a bit more affordable, these headphones by Jabra are a great choice. Get up to 7 hours of battery on the earbuds and 28 hours on the case. Plus, they are available in several different colors!

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  • 7) Roku Express

    If you haven’t jumped on the Roku bandwagon, take this as your sign. We all have tons of streaming services now, right? And if you’re ready to finally cut the cable cord this is your way to do it. Roku allows you to add all of your favorite streaming service apps and even offers free programs for you to watch on their own exclusive services. Truthfully, I use my Roku daily and I absolutely love it.

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  • 8) ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

    As a pet owner, I know that one of the biggest struggles is all the pet hair. This tool is easily one of my favorite purchases of the year. It’s like a vacuum cleaner except it runs back and forth on your couch and picks up a ton more hair. The fabric and bristles on the bottom help collect the hair more easily than a regular vacuum cleaner. Using this thing is a daily joy of mine, plus it cuts down on my arm day workouts!

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