Must Haves

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A lot of small living spaces typically don’t have a separate entryway area to walk into. Most of the time you’re walking directly into the living room or kitchen, and it can feel a little cramped. Here are our some of the simplest ways to create an entryway in your space that is both a welcoming opening and includes storage and class.

  • Shoe Rack

    A place for everything and everything in its place! Never wonder where your left shoe is because it has a home on this gorgeous shoe rack/bench combo that makes lacing your shoes that much easier. Comes in vintage brown or black to fit your look.

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  • Copree Bamboo Garment Organizer

    This open-concept coat closet gives a spot for all your most fashionable coats and leaves no room for wrinkles!

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  • See Through Book Shelves

    These multiple-optioned bookshelves are the perfect way to keep your entryway organized to your space specifications. Choose between 7 color options to make your own.

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  • DEXI Indoor Outdoor Door Mat

    This door mat is the perfect way to keep your entrance clean and tidy with a patterned groove design that effectively captures and retains dirt, dust, and sand of the sole. Easy to clean with a vacuum or broom, this mat comes in three color options and measures 17″x29″

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  • Sauder North Avenue Entry Table

    This table can be used to hold your personal items, house picture frames, or be a catchall for things you’re bringing in from the car and can even be used as another desk or dining space if needed. This gorgeous table comes in an oak finish to give a mature look in any space.

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  • Umbra's Estique Mirror With Hooks

    Get that last look before heading out the door to make sure every hair is in place, and you haven’t got any smudges in your makeup. No one likes to be told they have lipstick on their teeth! Useful with hooks for your purse, keys, and any other things you grab on your way out the door!

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  • Bench with Storage

    This 3 drawers bench is a great use of space for storage and safety while putting on your shoes. Also can be used for additional seating when hosting get-togethers.

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  • Damage Free Hooks

    Living in a rental can be limiting but these easily-removable wall hooks can give you storage in spots you didn’t know you had. This brass finish makes them look elegant and expensive without breaking the bank.

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