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Some rentals have a lot of windows, some have none. Some have great lighting throughout and some rely on artificial lighting to keep the mood set. Proper lighting can make or break a space’s use and versatility, so we’ve come up with 9 awesome solutions to keep your place as light and bright as you like.

  • Minimalist Mood Lighting

    This incredible lamp has so many features that make it the perfect addition to that dark corner in your living space. It has music playing capability and can change the lighting to match the beat of the song. The light provided is soft, even, and glare-free, ideal for adding ambiance at parties, birthdays, playing games, and everyday living.

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  • Sunlight Therapy LED Lamp

    This lamp brings natural light into your space without windows and tricks your mind into thinking you have beautiful sunlight flooding into your home. This LED lamp can be used to dispel winter blues, boost your mood, and support a healthy sleep cycle, if you can’t get enough sunlight on your own.

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  • LED Under Counter Lights

    Being able to see when chopping veggies is not only important but necessary! Make sure you see every part of the recipe or chopping board with these easily installed under counter lights. The rechargeable design keeps the area lit up long term and features a motion sensor to keep the charge for longer.

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  • Twin Lamps

    Get a matching set to keep your home looking fresh with these bronze stand lamps. Measuring 28inches high, they will make any space feel warm and inviting without overpowering the ambiance. Use bulbs up to 150 watts to really get the full use.  

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  • Moon Lamp

    This moon night light can be used as a decorative light, child lamp, and night light. Colorful led color options match any décor for your home.

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  • Nightlights Multi-Pack

    Light up your home at night with these plug-in nightlights. Never fear a dark space again or bump into furniture with its soft glow to create a guide in the middle of the night without overwhelming your eyes.

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  • Lamp Timers

    Save time and electricity with these lamp timers to turn off or on at a certain time. Fool intruders into thinking someone is home when the sun goes down and you are not back yet. Each package includes 2 mini timers that can be used in 2 locations.

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  • " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Dimmers

    Set the mood with this dimmer switch that keeps lighting low and vibes flowing. Choose between 8 color options to match your home.

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  • False Fireplace

    This fireplace not only gives your home a romantic, cozy feeling, it actually provides some warmth for cool nights. Attractive and practical, choose between 40, 50 or 60 inches across to fit your space.

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