Must Haves

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After a long day of work, there is nothing like coming home to your furry friends and their unconditional love. They’re full of pure excitement, jumping & wagging their tail, just to see you walk through that door. They pour their love into you because they’ve missed you all day and we do the same to them. Because of this mutual devotion to each other, most cat & dog owners consider their pets to be their children too. They are certainly considered to be a huge part of the family. Not only do they provide companionship for us as humans, but it is also said that this relationship is good for our own physical & mental health. They can sense when our moods or energy is off. Some can even sense if we are sick in some way and provide us with much-needed comfort during that time.  

They do so much for us so why not spoil them in return? Whether it’s showering them with attention, buying them fancy toys or special treats, or even just letting them sleep in your bed, there’s no shortage of ways to show your pet some love. If you’re looking to upgrade your pet’s life and show them just how much you appreciate them in your lives, check out our list below. Now, according to, there are 48 million households with dogs and 31 million with cats, making those the two most popular pets to have, which is what we will focus on for our list. So go ahead, give your furry friend a little extra love today – they deserve it!  

  • Grooming Kit & Vacuum

    Dog hair can be difficult to clean around the house. It’s even messier to trim your pet’s hair. Save yourself the mess with this amazing grooming system that vacuums the hair up as you go! 

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  • Handheld Pet Massager

    Who doesn’t love a massage? Including your own pet. Be sure to grab this item to completely relax your furry friend. 

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  • Nail Grinding Tool Kit

    Give your pet the ultimate paw-dicure with less stress! This tool is a gentler & safer tool than a trimmer. 

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  • Dog Treat Cookbook

    Our pets tend to eat the same thing every single day. Switch it up & treat them with some healthy, homemade dog treats.

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  • Treat Dispenser

    After baking your dog some homemade treats, have some fun with them. This treat dispenser will make your dog so happy.

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  • Automatic Food Dispenser

    This food dispenser guarantees your pets are fed at the same time every day. You can even see your pet via a camera & speak to them through a 2-way mic. 

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  • Water Fountain & Dispenser

    Upgrade your regular water bowl to this water fountain for your pets. It keeps the water circulating & the freshest for your pets.

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  • Multi-Level Cat Tree

    This is the ultimate playhouse for your cat! It includes scratching posts, hammocks, and plenty of levels of fun. 

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  • Bedside Pet Lounge

    No more sleeping on the floor for your furry friend! Upgrade to this raised bed so they are eye-level with you next to your bed. 

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  • 31 Piece Cat Toy Set

    Keep your kitty busy with this toy set! With 31 items for them to play with, they will not be bored. 

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  • Dog Toy Set

    Get ready for a game of tug of war. This toy set has 14 different toys including pull ropes, squeaky toys and more. 

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  • Fancy Plaid Dog Swag

    Who doesn’t love a pup in a cute outfit? This plaid dog outfit with hoodie is perfect for those cooler nights.

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  • Cat Tuxedo Shirt

    This unique shirt design has a super cute bowtie. It may seem formal, but it is good for any occasion because a cat is always cute dressed up.

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  • GPS Cat Collar

    This is a major upgrade to your standard collar! You can see in real-time where your cat is located should they wander from home. It is also 100% waterproof.

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  • GPS Dog Collar

    This collar shows where your pup is at all times. It also allows you to set up safe zones like the perimeter of your back yard. If they leave, it immediately alerts you. 

  • Pet Jogger Stroller

    Take your precious cargo with you when out for a walk or run with this jogger stroller. Its foldable too making it very portable.

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