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With Jerry Seinfeld going back on tour, I can’t help but revisit some of the most hysterical moments of one of the funniest shows of all time, Seinfeld. I spent some time looking around on the internet for the greatest Seinfeld memorabilia. And I matched moments from the show or Jerry’s stand-up to the items. Scroll down to check out my finds and the show connections or read up on some Seinfeld facts before you scroll.  Prepare yourself for the feats of strength. 

Seinfeld was based on the lives of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.  The show came about after Jerry and Larry were walking the streets of New York and kept coming up with funny everyday occurrences. When a show is based on real life, you run the risk that some people recognize their characters and aren’t happy about it.   

Seinfeld IRL Characters 

Did you know that Jerry Seinfeld really is banned from a soup stall in New York?  It’s the very place that he patterned the “Soup Nazi” episode after.  The man saw the episode and wasn’t pleased with how his character was portrayed. So, he asked Jerry to leave. 

Just like The Soup Nazi banned Jerry from his kitchen, the character that resembled George Costanza wasn’t too pleased either. Michael Costanza sued NBC for 100 million dollarsABC News dug into this: Michael Costanza said, “George is bald. I am bald.”  He continued, George and I both went to Queens College with Jerry. George’s high-school teacher nicknamed him ‘Can’t stand ya.’ So did mine.”  His lawsuit was thrown out primarily because the statute of limitations had run out.

Before time runs out on these items, give them a gander and see if there’s something you like from my greatest Seinfeld memorabilia items, or just enjoy the Seinfeld clips and celebrate our mutual love of the show that really was about so much more than “nothing.” 

  • Seinfeld Costanza Faux Campaign Shirt

    A show about nothing makes a perfect campaign about nothing… paid for by the party about nothing. JK… you’re the one paying for the shirt. S – 5XL 100% cotton. PS: it’s actually Kramer who gets my vote. 

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  • Seinfeld Tote Bag

    From the “ass man” to “zero fat,” this is my new favorite Seinfeld shopping bag. 13 inches wide and 14.57 inches high (plus straps), the bag is waterproof and made of sturdy canvas plus two color options. This doubles as a comfort bag for those difficult grocery store moments.

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  • Paladone Seinfeld Soup Mug and Spoon

    A great gift for any Seinfeld fan, this ceramic bowl and spoon are perfect for everyone but George. Bread is not included. “No soup for you” on one side and the Seinfeld logo on the other. 

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  • The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends T-Shirt

    One of the greatest episodes of Seinfeld, “The Marine Biologist,” spawned the phrase “The sea was angry that day, my friends.” This shirt is a hole in one. Available in men, women, and youth sizes and 10 color options.  

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  • Seinfeld Beer Stein

    Beer and pretzels are a perfect match. The next time these pretzels are making you thirsty, say “cheers” Seinfeld style with this 16 ounce mug (heads up: no dishwasher or microwave).

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  • Seinfeld to Do List Notepad

    When your to-do list is a lot of yada-yada-yada Seinfeld has you covered. Perfect for writing down your order of lobster bisque and yada.

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  • It's Festivus for the Rest of Us Funny Seinfeld Christmas Raglan

    Air your grievances or show your feats of strength while sporting this tee. Choose from 6 sleeve colors and sizes XS – 2XL. Serenity now! 

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  • Little Jerry Seinfeld Shirt

    Show your support for Little Jerry Seinfeld, the best cockfighter that never was. “I thought they wore gloves and helmets like American Gladiators.”  5 color choices and sizes S – 3XL. 

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  • Seinfeld Pray Candles

    Oh yeah!  I love the celebrity prayer candles. Get the whole gang or just your favorite… just make sure you say a prayer for Elaine.  She’s going to hell.  Check out more of my celebrity prayer candles HERE.

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